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The Oriental Roller
Version Française

Oriental Roller     The Oriental Roller is sometimes name "The Sky's King", I like this surname. For me it's the best flying pigeons.

     The fly of this pigeon can communicate the humour of the pigeon. With different figures when he his happy...

Oriental Roller      The Oriental Roller is a complete sport pigeon, because in flying it must be able to make all :
High-fly and various tumbling following the humour's pigeon.
Rouleur Oriental Like sport pigeon, it is differentiate by its acrobatics, it tumble one, two, three or more, at different speeds following its humour. Moreover, it fly on the side, tumble in the side, let fall in dead leaf, dive in group, to do some high fly up to become invisible in the sky.
In competition we put only 3 pigeons together (to count easily the points).
The acrobatics noted are the followings :
    - Rolling speed or slow
    - Double tumble
    - "Mill" fly (for a minimum of 2 mills)
    - "Screw" (for a minimum of 2 screws)
    - Centrically turn (for a minimum of 2 turns)
    - Combination of 2 acrobatics (tumble, mill, screw or centrically turn)

Oriental Roller About the High Flying (only on house Loft), it start when for 2 pigeons we can't see clearly the acrobatics at the eyes, and it is finish when for 2 pigeons we can see clearly now the acrobatics.
Oriental Roller

To see the Photos and Videos please look on the French Page Here